Influenced by classic models of interior fashion and harkening back to a golden era of innovation and creative design, Westside Textiles looks to Sister Parish, Babe Paley, and Bunny Mellon; women that brought interior design to a high standard and to the forefront of contemporary style.

With over 20 years experience, Jennifer West reveals a new age of modernization with the integration of style and livability embodied within Westside Textiles. The fabrics are everlasting. Most can be cleaned with soap and water or solvents depending on the nature of the stain. Pens, markers, make up, nail polish, and oils are no match for what our plush and woven fabrics can endure.

In keeping with a trend towards future expectations and goals, all of Westside Textiles are ecologically responsible. Westside presents a collection of leathers and fabrics that exceed current international environmental standards and present a brand for the future of luxury textiles.

This collection negotiates a path between ordinary and reliable; lavish and temporary. It merges the best of both differences. Enduring. Refined. Comfort. Style. Practical and lasting with experienced and thoughtful roots. A strong focus on quality and design.

Westside is liveable luxury.


For sample requests please email customerservice@westsidetextiles.com